What's New

Guide for Shopify themes

We've released a guide for authors of Shopify themes to explain how you can describe a gorgeous social image design for all your products, collections, blog posts, and especially your home page.

Look up in the navigation bar to learn more!

Free tool to test your Shopify social images

When your customers share your product links, what do they see?

We've released a completely free tool to quickly check your Shopify store and a few of your product pages.

For our initial launch you can see your site and its products through the lens of Facebook, Twitter, and Apple iMessage inside a mock iPhone!

Please get in contact with us if you'd like help improving your Shopify store's social preview images.

Launching waitlist

A growing number of people have asked when we'll launch (soon!) and if they can be part of the test group. We've created a waitlist for everyone to join and make it fair.

If you know anyone who runs a Shopify stores, or anyone who designs Shopify stores, we would appreciate if you could let me know about Mocra Live Links, and ask them to join the waitlist.
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